My approach is research-based, holistic, educational and supportive. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of occupations, the labour market and employability strategy to help you reach your goals. I do this by considering your broader life and how it relates to your career, and tailor advice in a holistic way. With a background in education, my aim is to develop your independence, so you can proactively manage your career in the future. Rather than simply telling you ‘what’ you should do next, I help you understand the ‘whys’ of employability and provide strategies that help to navigate your education and the labour market. Finally, I often receive feedback that my approach is supportive and caring, providing lots of encouragement, but I will also challenge you to make change when appropriate.

Qualifications and Awards

Professional Member, Career Development Association of Australia

Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Monash University

  • Thesis topic: The employability of liberal arts and business students: navigating the development of cultural and social capital at an elite Australian university

Swiss Federal Government Department of Foreign Affairs Excellence Fellowship, University of Bern

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology (and German), Monash University

Career Development Association of Australia Excellence in Research Award, 2017

Dr Amy Bohren

Principal Consultant & Director

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